Thursday, May 13, 2010

Creative Cupcake Toppers

With the summer months quickly approaching, birthdays and picnics become more frequent. An easy dessert (and kid approved as well) is the classic cupcake. But, aren't we all sick and tired of the "classic" cupcake with just frosting? Why not jazz it up a little bit -- and for FREE, too! These are supplies you probably have sitting in your craft cabinet and kitchen.

What you'll need:
cake mix, premade frosting, powdered sugar, food coloring, toothpicks, cupcake liners, cake decorating tips, colorful card stock paper (scrap paper, scrapbook paper, construction paper, etc), stickers, scissors.

Make cupcakes according to directions. Bake and cool. For the frosting, use premade frosting. Spoon into separate bowl. Add food coloring to desired color. To make frosting thicker (it will hold the shape on cupcakes) add powdered sugar. For one tub of frosting, about 1/2 cup or more for desired consistency. For my cupcakes, I used Wilton cake supplies and a #16 decorator tip. Frost cupcakes.

Now, for the special part that turns ordinary into extraordinary. The cupcake topper. Using your scraps of paper, lightly place sticker over the top. Cut around sticker. Slide toothpick under sticker. Press firmly on sticker.

Take your cupcake topper and place in cupcakes. Enjoy!

Want to know the best part of this craft idea? It's multifunctional. Creative cupcake toppers can be changed and mixed and matched according to the occasion or the event. Maybe a Dora the Explorer Birthday Party with Dora stickers? How about zoo animals? And for summer picnics, add stickers with lady bugs, watermelon slices, lemons, flowers.

Easy, easy, easy! And, FREE!

(If you're wondering how I came about the Dr. Seuss theme ... one of my friends watched my daughter today for a few hours and it was her son's birthday. For a birthday surprise and a thank you, I decided to use Dr. Seuss and Cat and The Hat Stickers -- the little boys' favorite).

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  1. Great idea. My girls will love making these tomorrow for their little brother's birthday. Thanks for the cute idea!

  2. Very sweet... and oh the possibilities! There are so many adorable scrapbook papers out there to jazz it up too! Thanks for sharing this, cute post!

  3. I love your blog, your stuff is so cute!!! I love doing parties, maybe too much:)

  4. Great job!! I love your cupcakes and toppers! Thank you for the tip about adding powdered sugar to the premade frosting. I have always had issues with it staying in place!!

  5. Those are super cute! Thanks so much for sharing this on Favorite Things Friday!