Thursday, April 1, 2010

Adding a Little More Fun

In honor of April Fool's Day and to have a little bit of fun, I decided to post a super quick, easy project I finished for my daughter's playroom. How fun, right?

In a previous post found here, I explained my love for children's Pottery Barn tables, but a dislike for the super expensive prices. So ... as usual ... what's a mom on a budget to do? Hunt down the bargain stores to see what I can find. Apparently $1.99 is my new price at Goodwill because I found a little storage/side/end table for $1.99. I knew it would be perfect to store my daughter's baby doll items and for the baby doll area of our playroom.

But, as usual, this little piece was pretty ugly. The brown was a very 'bright' colored brown and needed a bit of sanding prior to painting.

And, the little handle was purple. Brown and purple for a little side table, what a combination! I can definitely see how the combination would be cute in some girl rooms or playrooms, but it just was not the look I was trying to go for to match the children's table I painted a few weeks ago.

This is what the table looked like after I sanded it all down. Actually, I thought it was pretty cute with the shabby chic look I just created. I debated about keeping it shabby chic or roughing up the edges once it was painted, but I decided it will eventually look a little worn in a children's play area and I kept with my original thought - match my current table/chair set.

After sanding down the table, I painted a simple coat of primer. I waited about an hour and then painted two coats (of my PB inspired green paint), letting dry in between each coat of paint. The best part of this project? I already had the green paint (remaining paint left over from my children's table) and primer so this project ultimately cost me $1.99.

Voila! The final results.

Do you have any other children's play area or playroom design tips? I'm trying to figure out how to make the room more cohesive and flow. I'm working on it. One step at a time!

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