Friday, April 30, 2010

Pottery Barn Inspired Pedestal Table

From drab to fab in a matter of days. I found this beauty (please see photo below) on craigslist. It was listed for $50. I had a feeling I would be able to snag this 'beauty' for less than asking price and was thrilled when the owners accepted my $30 offer.

A steal of a deal.
Solid wood ... check.
No chips or cracks ... check.
Included large leaf for table ... check check.

I've been dreaming of a pedestal table for awhile now, I just couldn't find the right price. Thank you craigslist for helping me find my bargain!

With my $30 table on hand, I was ready to begin! This is 'kind of' what I had in mind. Something like this ...

or this ...

because, as usual, what's not to love about Pottery Barn and the looks they create. I can usually be found drooling over their catalogues and trying to dream up new ideas on how to get the PB look for a fraction of a cost.

So ................... with sander in hand, I began sanding out the dried cherrios and left over food from the table.

After sanding, I used the air compressor to blow off all the dust, then wiped clean with a tack cloth.

Armed with my mini roller and black paint/primer combination, I was ready to begin painting this table a few coats of paint.

A few coats later. Finished!

As for my kitchen chairs, I'm almost embarrased to admit what I did for my chairs. I lightly sanded them down with a 200 grit sandpaper, wiped clean and then spray painted. Yes, like the kind of spray paint you buy from a can. I went through 4 cans. These were chairs I already had and was using with my old kitchen table. They were FREE so I couldn't complain to much.

The results!

You might be wondering why such a dark kitchen and why black? First of all, our appliances are stainless and black and our granite is speckled with black. I'm definitely a matchy-matchy type of person and felt black would suit our house best. Plus, for a $30 dollar table, I figured if it didn't look great, I could always start over or try something else. I guess I just have a thing for dark cherry wood and black right now. That's half the fun of DIY'ing and decorating ~ is redoing it when you get sick of it.

I still have a long way to go in our kitchen with decorating, tile backsplash, etc. Baby steps, I keep reminding myself.

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  1. That is GORGEOUS!!! I'm so jealous of your $30 find! It's beautiful and much better than PB prices!!!

  2. Love the find. How about lightening it up a bit with some fabric seat cushions. Black and white damask would look so great on those chairs. don't feel bad about the spray paint. I spray painted a whole 4 poster bead with black gloss spray paint. Went through about 5 or 6 cans!

  3. That turned out SO pretty! I just painted mine white but I think I might want to do black after seeing these! Thanks so much for posting to Favorite THings Friday this week!

  4. Too funny. I just posted a re-do of a table just like this that I scored from my parents neighbours garbage. Great job. So classy looking.

  5. I love that table. You did a great job with it! Thanks for sharing at 'Look at me, I'm SO Crafty!' at Fun to Craft.

  6. It looks beautiful and you dont need to explain anything about your kitchen...its gorgeous! Just found your blog & became your newest follower!:)

  7. I don't know why, when I 'follow' this blog, I don't get updates when you blog, but whatever... probably a problem on MY end. Anyway, I LOVE this table. And I'm still reeling that you got it and the extra leaf for $30. That is AWESOME. You really do have a knack. You've done some fantastic things DIY style!

  8. What kind of black paint/primer combo did you use? Also, what kind of spray paint did you use on the chairs? I'm thinking about embarking on a similar project for my old dining set and am wondering what will be the best type of products to use!