Friday, March 19, 2010

It's TIME for a Bargain

As promised, the start of my bargain shopping finds.

"Obsessed with bargain shopping" should seriously become my middle name. Or, at least for awhile until I get over this hump. We moved into our house back in November and gained tons of extra space. What does and what did that mean? More decorating for me. Now, a stay at home mom living off one income and needing to fill the walls to make our house a home. Thus, the reason to bargain shop. Plus, since my family moved two times in less than a year, decorating our house has become a mission.

Here's one of the bargains I found back when we lived in Vancouver. Too good to not show again. I can thank Goodwill for this beauty.

A beautiful clock, price at $99 brand new at Target.

Yes, I found this beauty at Goodwill for just $19. And, I must add, it was brand new, still in the box. You can start drooling now.

So, of course, a picture of Ms. A showing off my new find, which is now beautifully hanging in our kitchen eating area.

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