Friday, March 12, 2010

"New" Pictures on the Walls

Here is a photo of our old bedroom. Yes, a little blah, a little boring. I'm slowly getting better with decorating and this was a middle stage of our OLD house in Vancouver. We made changes before we sold our house, but I never got around to take pictures before we moved (the old hanging curtain rod without curtains, etc, etc). Thus, the resulting photo.

Well, since this photo, we have moved to a new house w/ a different master bedroom. However, our bedroom furniture, accessories and decorations have stayed much the same. All except one little thing. The pictures on the wall.

If you noticed in the first picture [ old house ] the pictures truly get lost on the wall. The problem - No color, no bold frame, the pictures get lost on the wall. The solutions - DIY project and a little spray paint and elbow grease.

What did I do?

1. Take the pictures down from the wall.

2. Cover the glass like crazy! I simple used tape and paper to cover the frame, sliding the paper underneat the frame to make sure I didn't get any paint on the glass.

3. Spray paint. I used an oil rubbed bronze color this time around, although the spray paint still looks very much brown or espresso to me. I wanted for the frames to dry and then took the paper and tape off the frame.

4. Hang new pictures and enjoy.

Ahh ... much better.

You'll also notice that we have plantation shutters. I'm still adjusting to this new style of window treatments and pondering what else I should do to jazz up the windows or leave them as is.

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