Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Laundry Room Re-Do

The laundry room re-do. Yes, finally here. This project has been finished for several months, I just never got around to posting the finished product. I finished this project just in time to put our house in the market and to move out of our house. Go figure.

My "new" laundry room in California will be decorated quite differently and will serve as a multi-purpose room since it will function as both our mudroom and our laundry room. However, I think I can deal with that issue because I managed to get a sink with tile counters and built in cherry cabinets to hide my laundry accessories. I definitely will not need to hide as much in my new laundry headquarters.

This simple laundry room re-do was merely accomplished by gathering items I already had in my house, purchasing a few cans of spray paint and one Goodwill bargain basket as well. I fell in love with Espresso spray paint this summer. My fingers literally felt like they were going to fall off after I sprayed paint literally everything in my laundry room.

My old laundry room was boring. Yes, boring. Nothing too exciting. Lots of hodge podgey stuff and none of my baskets matched.

My solution to solve this problem was Espresso Spray Paint from Home Depot. Each can was about $3 and I used 2 of them. Since I do not have cabinets in my laundry room, I thought trying to be matchy-matchy with my baskets would be the best to try and blend the look together.

I took everything out of my baskets and lined them in the garage (which was open of course) and sprayed the heck out of every nook and cranny. The result.

I then neatly stored everything back in the original baskets and rearranged a few of them as well.

I snagged a half-off basket at Goodwill (and spray painted this as well) to store all my little everyday laundry essentials. I also found 2 glass jars w/ stainless tops to store my laundry detergent and dryer sheets. The jars were used in the pantry for snacks, but I thought they would look better in here. I dusted off a lamp from our storage closet as well. The Iron Chef thought the lamp was a bit much, but I think it adds warmth and cheer to the laundry room.

If you did not already know, I love labeling items. I figured that labeling a few boxes in the laundry room would add to an organized look as well. I created the labels on my computer and used packaging tape to secure them to the boxes. The clear sterilite bins were from my collection of Big Lots sterilite bins in my house (you can score major savings by purchasing these shoe bins from Big Lots for .99 a piece) and I found two black shoe boxes and taped a few labels on there as well. The shoe boxes were a stretch, I know. And, you can see the sharpie marked out letters if you get close. But, I was in a pinch and trying to quickly get organized so it worked just fine.

One of my baskets displayed a "LAUNDRY" label tag. I got a little creative with this one and took the tag off, glued it to one of my existing plaques and voila! I also did a simple google search and found a few random laundry photos in black and white. I printed these off and put them in frames I had sitting in the closet collecting dust. A simple and free way to REdecorating using what I already had in my own home.

I polished the look off by switching around a few hangers in our house, adding a neutral colored rug, and adding a little boxwood greenery.

The final look I was very proud of. The cost? Merely nothing. 2 bottles of spray paint totaling $6, a $1 goodwill bargain basket, a few printed photos from the internet, a little bit of sweat, spray painted fingers, and my hard earned time.

Ahhhhhhhh, yes. Much better. Much, much, much better.

Just a simple change. Nothing too fancy, but well worth it in my eyes. And, a bargain might I add.

Now wait until you all see the DIY project I am going to do with the wooden office desk chair (swivel, w/ arms) I snagged up at Goodwill in California for $1.99. Chairs like this are retailing for $399 at Pottery Barn and I scored my beauty for less than what you can pay for a gallon of milk.

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